Alberto Riol


With Trouble in Paradise anyone can create their own Vision Cards and share them with the rest of the Community. But there is also a good amount of official Piñata cards made by Rare themselves, and provided to different websites and printed media, that we want to gather together. So, if you ever find any new one and want to collaborate to increase the collection, just send us a message so we can add it in this page.

So, while the amount of official cards increases, remember that you can just click on them for a high res version, save the picture and print it in color (it may not work correctly in black-and-white), and then scan them using your Xbox Live Vision Camera. You can also try to scan the cards directly from the screen of your PC, an iPod, iPhone or Zune, but it may not work so easily. Find some tips on how to use Piñata Vision in the video by James Thomas available below.

'Rare' Cards (limited)

Terrain Cards

Developer Cards (limited)

Random Cards (infinite)

How to use Piñata Vision

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