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The soundtrack for GoldenEye was composed by both Graeme Norgate (Blast Corps) and Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie), with a notorious collaboration of Robin Beanland with his unforgettable "Elevator Music". Some of the themes were obviously inspired in the music from the film by Éric Serra, though. After completing the game, Norgate left Rare to join Free Radical Design, where he has composed other little masterprices for the TimeSplitters series or Second Sight, while Kirkhope worked in the next Rare's FPS Perfect Dark.

With the full soundtrack that we now offer you in this page you can now remember the glory days when you used remote mines to make flight tests with the Facility scientist or faced Jaws in el-Saghira temple. You can choose to download just your favourites themes or, if you prefer, the complete soundtrack in a single zip file with the disc cover for a better experience in your iPod.

Goldeneye Soundtrack (mp3)

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