A. Riol, Á. Fernánez, I. Pérez


The Men Who Knew Too Much

Some things require to be kept secret for a while. This would include world-stability-threatening matters such us the true identity of John F. Kennedy’s killer, the real cause of the Tunguska incident, the actual goal of the Philadelphia experiment or how exactly did Rare develop GoldenEye.

The good turn about this is that, eventually, all this stuff ends up being legally revealed by the official sources. Someday, even Coca Cola’s recipe will be made public. And we are pleased to announce that that day finally arrived for Rare’s acclaimed James Bond shooter.

As part of our GoldenEye’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, we interview Rare veterans Mark Edmonds and Duncan Botwood about their involvement in the game that made history, plus we dig for the truth behind well-known fan topics like the cancelled SNES version, the lost follow-up, the missing Bonds, unreachable islands, opening roofs, downloadable versions, button codes, brain drains and Ken Lobb.

Mark, James & Duncan: reunited 10 years later

It’s such a pile of jaw-dropping, never-before-heard confidential information that, most likely, we currently are in the sights of the same assassin that apparently caught game director Martin Hollis before he could answer the questions we sent him.

Too late for him, though. The data is here and ready to be spread along the world.

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