Iker Pérez, M. Mazzei, B. Santoso


Mike Capps on the Gears of War franchise

They say dogs are look like their owners. Apparently, a few videogames also hold some resemblance with their creators. So when it comes about Gears of War, you can expect the Epic guys to be nothing like a suited executive walking down the street with his ridiculous Starbucks coffee. We met with Mike Capps at Splashlight Studios last July 14th and 15th, during the Xbox Holiday Showcase in New York City. He showed us the campaign and new ‘horde’ multiplayer mode of Gears of War 2, which looks and feels as impressive as all videos and screenshots online.

“No drinks? What kind of party is this?” asked Mike as he was coming our way. But there were plenty of drinks and hours of gameplay after the interview. As an inside joke dedicated to our Spanish readers, he ended up answering a bonus question submitted by the people at AnaitGames. But don’t expect a Washington Post editorial from them.

However, make sure you check my hands-on impressions on Gears of War 2 right after you watch the video below.

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