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Letter from the Stamper Brothers (Sep. 02)

Dear Game Fans,

There has been much speculation in the recent past concerning the future direction of Rare Ltd.

Throughout Rare's history, many exciting things have taken place, and the last few months have been no exception. We are sure that some of you are aware that there have been a number of rumours concerning Rare's future course within the industry.

Historically, Rare and its personnel have been working within the games industry since our first game release in 1979 and over this period of time we have produced games across 20+ different console, computer, handheld and arcade formats.

Rare's future plans are to continue exactly as it has done in the past, with the concentration of our efforts on maximising the potential of a single hardware platform. As per the announcement at X02 in Seville, Rare's new focus of attention will be the Xbox format.

We would like to thank all of the loyal game fans that have been great Rare supporters on previous formats over the years, and would like to extend a welcome to them to view the latest Rare games on the Xbox as they become available.

We at Rare are excited to be working on the Xbox with its tremendous performance and potential for wonderful games. Going forward we hope to display some of these very exciting titles, and also hope that you share our passion for games!

Thank you again for your support!

Tim & Chris Stamper


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