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MundoRare becomes Rare World (or something)

We are pleased to announce that, from now on, MundoRare will continue its recognized line of diligent information as a website fully presented in the English language. However, most of our old special content, such as current special reports, some original game reviews and game sections, several interviews and, of course, our extensive news archives will be also available in Spanish.

This new policy arrives with the primary objective of reaching a wider audience and eventually becoming a truly international source of information. English plays the part of a modern Latin in current world, and it's also the natural language of the gifted British game developer we are devoted to. We are confident that most of our usual readers know English as a second or even first language, so there is no reason to deny our contents to thousands of potential new fans that reside all along the planet.

Even though, we don't wish to disappoint all our Spanish and American Spanish-speaking readers who have followed us during all these years and who may not be familiar with the Shakespearean tongue. For that reason, we would like to remark that this site will still be offering some of its most significant contents in Spanish, and not only in English. We really appreciate your support and we encourage you to keep staying with us.

This change will materialize in a progressive way, followed by the addition of a gorgeous and stylized new design for the entire website, as well as a dual forum both for English and Spanish speakers.

Finally, we would like to count with our English-speaking readers' mercy and we apologize in advance for any grammatical mistake we may commit during our new era. We will try do as much as possible to maintain the exquisite way of writing we profess in Spanish, but we want to remind everyone that the original Spanish staff will remain the same (with the only exception of Mark Mazzei, who is American) and that we will still be the authors of every text published on this site, despite the language.

MundoRare will always keep its essence, but this time it will finally represent a real and large world about Rare Ltd.

Thank you very much to all the readers, no matter where you are from.

The MundoRare Staff.

PS. Yeah, we know. We should do something about our name now.

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