MundoRare staff


MundoRare is 7 years old and it keeps growing. We are looking towards the future with promising ideas for the international audience, and we want to share our enthusiasm for Rare with our big amount of English-speaking readers. For that reason, we are looking for new MundoRare collaborators and also, translators from Spanish to Shakesperian language. So, if you want to become a part of one of the most reliable Rare sources on the Net, take a look to the job requirements and drop us a line.

  • Must be able to write correctly in English (having good Spanish skills is a plus, but not mandatory).
  • Must be keen on Rare games for Xbox 360 and/or Nintendo DS (knowing a bit of Rare history is a plus).
  • Must want to be highly involved with videogames and the MundoRare English community. We are looking for trustworthy people!
  • Wanting to be a part of a specialized website means to be available when the news takes place; so being a frequent user of MSN Messenger would be a plus.
  • High level of orthographic correction and good writing skills (experience with other websites or Communication related studies being a plus).

If you are interested in any of those two areas, or both, please send us a short description (3/4 lines) with your qualifications, personal details and a proof of your work to

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