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What's new in MundoRare?

The whole site has been redesigned. There is a lot of new stuff around, but first and most important, you will notice that the last remnants of the Spanish version of MundoRare are gone forever. English is finally our main language in every menu and section, making us more accessible for people all around the world. Besides, the website looks beautiful now.

Does that mean that the Spanish contents are gone for good?

No. MundoRare will publish bilingual articles in English and Spanish from time to time, plus we will recover some of our best past updates in their original language. Spanish won't ever be dismissed, but keep in mind that English is the way to go now.

Ok, so tell me about the new site. How can I get to the important stuff?

If you take a look at the main page, you will see a big banner right at the top. That's the featured story. You can click on it and go directly to that story. The cool thing about this is that that isn't the only featured story. There will always be many, and the banner will change every time you visit the site or refresh your browser.

Oh, but what if I love MundoRare and I already keep track of all your updates, how can I just get to the latest news?

Then you will see them, as usual, in the recent updates column right in the middle of the main page or you can check the latest news links to the right of the main banner. Although you probably knew this if you love us that much.

I was just testing you. But, what if I just know that Rare rocks and the only information I need is the release date of their next game?

Then you can see it in the release dates list located under the link to the forums, once again without even moving from the main page.

Oh, man, you guys are good. Wait! is there a poll now?

Oh yeah. There is a poll that will be changed periodically so everybody can fight boredom when there isn't a videogame console or a piece of bubble wrap nearby.

Are you still reviewing games not developed by Rare?

It's not exactly reviewing them, but yes. We keep our outside rare section, where we comment on good (and only good) non-Rare games. There is a new banner for them in the main page, by the way. And just like the main banner, this one changes its featured content with each visit.

What else do you have in the sack? I see the forums, downloads, a search engine, games sections, news, specials...

Yes. That's basically all the classic stuff that is back. You can access all that from the menu at the top of the page right under the logo. But there's nothing really new about it. It's basic stuff.

What else then?

Well, try clicking on some of those things you just mentioned. Let's say the game sections. Do it. You did it? See how cool it is now? With the new design it looks clearer than ever. But don't worry if the last time you checked there were more games developed by Rare than the ones you see there. Game sections need time to be translated or fully rewritten and we are still working on them.

Keep going, please.

Sure. You can always find new additions here and there. For example, under every article there will be an automatically generated list of related links so you can stay tuned on whatever catches your eye.

Cool. Now that you mention that, what are all those buttons under articles or sections?

Starting on the bottom left side, those are links to RSS content,, digg it, technorati and meneame respectively. If you don't know what half of those mean, you probably have a girlfriend. On the other side, they are just links to the e-mail, information and a third one to scroll up the page.

That was intense. Well, thank you for letting me know. This was pretty educational. Best of luck with the new website. It looks really neat.

Wait, there is more!


You forgot the most important thing, dammit!

And what is that?


Well, I certainly won't see it if you don't even describe it to me first.

It starts with "rare" and it ends with "pedia".


Yes! It's the greatest addition ever featured on a fansite! It will make MundoRare readable not only for die-hard Rare fans, but for everyone. Now, every developer, title or company name written on a MundoRare article will be linked to a very special encyclopaedia where it will be explained who that person is, what game are we talking about or what kind of company we just mentioned. Reaching this information is quick and easy. When any term is included in our Rarepedia, the word will be shown in green, followed by a question mark. Just click on it and you will see a small window popping out, ready to tell you everything you need to know. Visit MundoRare and you will become an expert on Rare games in less than 24 hours.

Awesome. Now I definitely think you guys rock.

We know.

Just make sure you add up the definitions of those technorati things from before for those who have a girlfriend.

There are not many of those people in the gaming world, though.

Fair enough.

Thank you for reading.

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