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About Us

MundoRare was born in early 2001, and since that date, it has followed every step legendary videogame developer Rare Ltd. has made. From the old Nintendo days to the always changing present. In September 2002, MundoRare accepted the challenge of seeking a new audience when Rare was acquired by Microsoft Corporation. That event marked a turning point for the website, and also proved that a major change was needed.

Despite having its own background as the biggest Rare fansite for Spanish-speakers on the Internet, MundoRare decided to recycle itself completely in order to become a fully international English-based website. This transformation, still in progress, took several years of hard work and even harder decisions.

Nowadays, MundoRare lives one of its most fruitful stages, supported by Microsoft Ibérica in Spain and Rare itself in England, plus forming a strong community with members from several places along the world, including North America, South America, France or Australia.

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